Center for Global Health (CGH)

A number of integrative initiatives and programs are assisting the Center for Global Health (CGH) to achieve their goals. The Scientific and Clinical Research Program is clinically-oriented research allowing investigators to conduct high-quality clinical cancer research in which to provide important information on treatment response and related pharmacogenomic pathways. The Training Program ensures that the cancer research networks are sustainable by developing specific training opportunities to cultivate a robust pipeline of basic and clinical investigators. The Technology and Capacity Building Program provides an overarching framework for conducting high-quality cancer research and to adapt advanced technologies and methodologies, manage biospecimens, informatics, and data management, with the intention of advancing research capacity, and develop sustainable research infrastructures. The role of CMRP within this project is to help the CGH realize their goals through the planning and coordination of domestic and international meetings, conferences and trainings for both government and non-government attendees collaborating on many initiatives and programs. Services provided by CMRP include: (1) comprehensive logistics support (e.g., vendor negotiations, lodging, hotel, and/or meeting center coordination, managing reimbursements, arranging transportation, coordinating attendee travel); (2) budget preparation and monitoring; and (3) establishing formal processes and procedures to streamline the planning process while ensuring all policies and directives are followed.

CMRP also provides CGH with programmatic and research subcontract support for the development of a pilot initiative and partnership between the NCI-designated cancer centers and foreign institutions from low-to-middle-income countries (LMICs) to implement mutually beneficial global cancer research programs. In 2013, a funding opportunity was announced to NCI-designated cancer centers titled, “Pilot Collaborations with LMICs in Global Cancer Research or Global Health Research at NCI-Designated Cancer Centers.” The purpose of this funding opportunity is to stimulate cancer research pilot programs in order to expand the reach of cancer centers in international settings. This initiative presents a unique opportunity to strategically develop partnerships between regional institutions and U.S. cancer centers. These partnerships can leverage the scientific expertise and leadership in cancer control, prevention, or treatment to address new research directions as opportunities.

As CGH begins developing partnerships and programs across the world, there is a need to enhance communication about projects between research programs and organizations. Through the collaboration with the Global Oncology Initiative (GO!), CGH aims to bring the global oncology community together by leading the development of a single cancer resource map for global oncology projects – an innovative tool to align the goals of the government, the non-profit sector, industry, academia, and the community. A single resource map designed solely for this purpose will have great potential to lead to synthesis of the geographic and topical information for NCI and its partners’ international projects and can establish a collaborations tool for all stakeholders. CMRP staff manages the research subcontract with GO!, the sole sourced vendor for the development of a single-source cancer research mapping tool.